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Online Professional Development on Your Schedule

The Growth Platform™ is another Grandinetta Group innovation, designed to make coaching accessible and affordable. Written and recorded by Emily Grandinetta herself, this unique program is the next best thing to personal coaching. 

Our coach-curated suite of online professional development modules includes accompanying course materials, all on our mobile-friendly platform. It’s an ideal solution for anyone who would benefit from greater self-awareness, which we believe is the key that unlocks choice. With more choice comes a greater sense of control in life and work.

Self-Paced Coaching

In the realm of self-awareness, we are all beginners.
- Emily Grandinetta

The Growth Platform is a great tool for any employee, but especially for those who are at the start of their journey to self-awareness. Each approximately 30-minute module follows a podcast format, so your people can get away from their desks and listen while exercising, relaxing, or at their leisure. Modules are also accompanied by a downloadable journal with coach-designed reflection questions that help you apply what you’ve learned.

Loaded with practical tips, examples, and real coaching questions, The Growth Platform can be leveraged as a stand-alone tool. Or, it can be customized to include group coaching calls that deepen learning. Some clients even ask us to brand it with their logo and give member-only access to their employees.

We’re happy to!

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