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Professional Development Coaching for Teams

Team development is our specialty. From diagnosing issues and understanding needs to creating and implementing solutions, we are known for helping teams work through challenges. We will help you determine the right approach to get the most out of your team and achieve your organizational goals.

Support Group Circle

Team Coaching

How Team Coaching Works

We’ve noticed that something alchemical occurs when individuals come together as a group. It can be complex, amazing, and often a challenge to evolve from group to team. We work with intact teams to value and leverage diversity, communicate and interact effectively. This results in environments of high performance and engagement.

For rapid results, check out our Co-Create package.

Like all communication, conflict is an opportunity to build trust in your working relationships.
- Emily Grandinetta

Professional Team Coaching Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Emily for several years and have seen, first-hand, her ability to effect positive change in low-performing organizations. Emily’s leadership coaching and mentoring skills have helped executives better align their individual styles and career aspirations with corporate missions. Emily has the unique ability to work at corporate CxO and senior leadership levels down through an organization’s individual contributor functional groups to effect change using strategic planning, coaching, training and development tools as well as pure mentoring.”

Amazon Web Services Director

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