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Executive & Professional Coaching Solutions

Coaching that helps organizations optimize employee performance and engagement

You Do You...Better

Grandinetta Group, LLC is a company of accomplished coaching professionals, helping organizations optimize employee performance and engagement.


We work across industry and business sectors to bring the power of coaching to leaders, employees, and teams. Our primary goal is helping people grow personally and professionally by increasing self-awareness and taking purposeful action.


We have a long track record of driving innovation in professional learning and development.  And a long list of awards to show for it!



For deep, sustained, personal development.


For quick,

high-impact results.


For businesses to enhance performance and engagement.


For individuals seeking to improve their performance.

Empowering Executives ...and Beyond

Executive Coaching Services

What if everyone could have access to the power of an executive coach to increase performance and engagement? Now they can! 


With our innovative, scalable, accessible, and affordable coaching solutions, Grandinetta Group, LLC puts coaching in reach for all employees.


Coaching is for executives… but not just for executives. We have a high-impact professional coaching solution for every member of your organization, including:

  • Valued individual contributors

  • High-potential emerging leaders

  • First-time managers

  • Team leaders 

  • The teams themselves

  • Individuals struggling with performance issues

executive coaching services
"Through self-awareness comes greater choice and feelings of control. It is the portal to discovering what's possible for your wonderful life."
 - Emily Grandinetta


“Emily was able to enter into a non-functioning, “toxic” group environment and shortly after have everyone on the team performing at a top-notch level, while enjoying the experience of working together and going beyond the client’s performance expectations. I would highly recommend Emily to any organization that wants to see immediate results in a meaningful and impactful way.”

Fortune 500 Consulting Manager
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