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Executive Coaching Services

Coaching for Executives

As the saying goes, it can be lonely at the top. So, if you ever feel like you’re trying to balance atop a hard rock after already climbing a mountain to get there, you’re not alone! Individual executive coaching is an effective, proven learning tool for leaders at all levels to be their best. 

For many leaders, their executive coach is much more than just a coach. Their coach is also a trusted confidant, thought partner, sounding board, truth-teller, and empathizer.


Grandinetta Group coaches have been in your seat, and they understand firsthand the benefits effective executive leadership coaching has to offer busy executives.

For a real-world example, read Emily's story!

Our Six Principles of Coaching for Executives

  1. Self-awareness is the key to greater choice and control.

  2. The power of purposeful conversation raises self-awareness and access to possibilities beyond your current imagination.

  3. Self-discovery doesn’t have to be a grind.

  4. Your coach is a trusted companion on the path to learning.

  5. The best coaches are trustworthy, real, smart, and funny. They listen, share insights, ask purposeful questions, and offer constructive feedback.

  6. Awareness alone isn’t enough to change your life. But, ACTION, informed by self-awareness, often is. A good coach can help you create greater possibilities in your life!

Six Principals of Coaching

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Grandinetta Group, LLC is passionate about supporting military veterans transitioning into civilian professional roles. We have developed a program specifically curated to the unique needs and challenges veterans face, and we also know veterans have a lot to offer in the corporate world. We help veterans understand these challenges and plan for a successful “second act" to support a successful transition to business leadership roles.

Discover resources, training modules, and networking opportunities completely designed and published by us.

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