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Helping Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

Support for Military Members’ Transition to a Civilian Career

For many years, Emily Grandinetta’s passion has been supporting military personnel successfully transitioning to business leadership roles. She is widely recognized as a thought leader in jobs for military veterans. Emily has been an invited speaker at the New York Stock Exchange, Blackstone, and countless professional conferences. Emily has also received formal acknowledgment for her contributions to veterans’ employment from Barack Obama, John McCain, and U.S. Army Generals (ret.) Lloyd Austin, Raymond Odierno, and John Campbell. 


Field Tested:

Recruiting, Managing & Retaining Veterans

Veteran's Transition Support: Book & Practical Models

The book equips civilian corporate leaders with the tools they need to recruit and retain some of America’s top talent: former military personnel. It also helps employers understand the unique considerations involved when working with veterans and explores key cultural differences between the military and civilian workplace.

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Your Military Transition™

Online Training Modules

Filled with real-life veterans’ stories on their transition to a civilian career, Your Military Transition offers dozens of strategies and examples to help veterans avoid common pitfalls and accelerate the cultural learning curve. This online program was designed specifically for former and separating military officers, both commissioned and non-commissioned officers).

Available online, Your Military Transition features:

  • 18 audio episodes

  • Topics include:

    • Pre-employment best practices​

    • Mastering the transition experience

    • The military transition framework

    • The world without uniforms

    • Your new mission 

    • New rules, tasks, & relationships

    • Civilian management & leadership

    • ...and many more

Your Military Transition is an affordable, best-in-class learning program based on decades of experience and original research. A recognized expert on the topic of veteran transition, Emily Grandinetta has designed onboarding programs for several top companies including Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Comcast

Readers will learn how these differences impact employee performance, satisfaction, and retention. You’ll discover best practices for:


  • Interviewing veterans

  • How to on-board them quickly and effectively

  • Position them for success

  • Ensure a smooth cultural transition

  • Manage performance

  • Help them develop lasting careers

With a wealth of unique talents and experiences, veterans often add value to your team beyond a typical civilian employee with no prior military service.

In her thought-provoking book, Field Tested: Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Veterans, Emily Grandinetta applies over a decade’s worth of expertise to helping military professionals transition to a civilian career. The book equips civilian corporate leaders with the tools they need to recruit and retain some of America’s top talent: former military personnel.

Jobs for Military Veterans

Job seekers and employers interested in hiring Veterans

If you are a current or soon-to-be Veteran, an employer, recruiter, or headhunter, please join our Military Transition Interest Group on LinkedIn; a space for job seekers and employers interested in hiring Veterans to connect.

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