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We may not be able to change this world we're living in now, but we can change ourselves

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Man, this year has been so full of things I couldn't control. Of course, I did what I could: I volunteered, I voted, I made changes to my surroundings, I watched the blonde grow out of my hair, sigh. My external world, though, was just spinning out in weird directions, and I know it wasn't just me!

Because I couldn't do much to affect my external world, I shifted my focus to my internal world, which opened up a ton of possibility. Initially, at the beginning of the COVID crisis, I got all up on the gratitude bandwagon, which was great...until it wasn't. At some point, a few months into it, gratitude was great, but reality was reality, and one didn't offset the other. I remember telling a friend and fellow coach that my soul was being crushed by the weight of my gratitude practice. We laughed and laughed and proceeded to regale each other with a list of everything that was pissing us off! It was such a relief to just go there with abandon; that call was the most fun I'd had since sometime in January.

I returned to looking inward because, in my life experience, that has always been where the resources and answers lay even if I needed help finding them. Its where I live and it's my life's work: helping others to access what's True for them and live into it. Such explorations always start with a reflective question. The funny thing about these questions is that they are so universal and relatable, but most of us think we're the only ones asking them. There's comfort in knowing we're not.

The Growth Platform is a forum for looking at reflective questions and focusing on the world we can affect: our inner world, as a way of improving our outer world. To capture this for my website, I asked my friends at Bigger Boat Studios for help, and they put together something very cool. I'm attaching it here (if you see a black screen, just click the "play" arrow); please let me know what you think! If you like it, please share this blog. I hope it’s helpful and, if nothing else, lets you know you are not alone.

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